Why You Should Join the Cloud

Are you ready to launch your company into increased efficiency and agility with cloud technology? First introduced and adopted at the beginning of the 21st century, cloud computing boasts competitive advantages, cost-effectiveness, and increased efficiency. It’s no secret why many are transitioning to the cloud. Here are the top five reasons so many companies have made the jump.


Did you know that switching over to the cloud can make adhering to government compliance requirements easier?

While many have the initial hesitation in believing that cloud computing is more secure than the system already in place, it is the truth. Believe it or not, there is more risk associated with an in-house system than in the cloud. Oftentimes, an IT department will have to divide efforts, with only some attention focused on security. When converting to the cloud, the host is dedicated to monitoring your data security 24/7. Through encryption and flexible settings, you can move ahead confident that your data is protected in the cloud. 

Reduced Risk

It can be a scary thought when you realize valuable data is stored directly on company computers. 

This means if there is a single virus, malware, or old age, there is an increased potential for all of that data to be lost. Everything saved locally faces multiple threats every day, and when your company relies on that data, that’s something you don’t want to have on the back of your mind. When you transition to the cloud, you eliminate the risk. Even if the company computers malfunctioned, all your data would still be accessible and safe from any device with an internet connection. Now that’s peace of mind.

Increased Collaboration 

Inspiring a team mentality, whether in a remote setting or in-office, is crucial to building a strong company culture and productive work environment. 

Sharing information is a day-to-day reality. It is what keeps a company running and functioning. With the cloud, companies are fast-tracking the amount of time it takes to upload, share, and download information. Discover new ways to connect and open yourself up to the possibilities of working remotely. With cloud computing, collaboration and communication have never been easier. 


On the go, or need to work from home? 

In a world where every day presents an unknown, you never know when a new situation may arise, but you can account for it. Give yourself the flexibility and adaptability that comes with cloud computing. Access work from your smartphone or any device, travel comfortably, and boost work-life balance. When your employees enjoy where they work, recruiting and growth come naturally. 


If you haven’t made the switch from paper to digital yet, there’s no better time than now. 

Take on the responsibility of doing more for our environment. Step up by example, and become a leader in your industry. When you utilize cloud computing, you set a standard of excellence. Reducing paper waste, improving energy efficiency, and encouraging sustainable habits are all benefits correlated to the cloud. Inside tip — Many customers are drawn to companies that are open about the steps they take to do their part for the environment.

Learn more about what switching to the cloud could do for you. 

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