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Learn from the experiences of companies who have made the transition from mission possible to mission accomplished. Every thought, strategy, and solution that went into these results was tailored for the client. With this in mind, allow yourself to think of the possibilities custom IT solutions can do for your company.

Increasing Accessibility to Healthcare for Veterans

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) operates the nation’s largest integrated healthcare network of over 1,100 facilities, providing care to more than 8.9 million veterans. Although there are numerous facilities available, it is not uncommon for veterans to travel long distances to reach their closest VA facility. The VA is committed to ensuring all veterans have adequate access to healthcare, including the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), the Chief Business Office (CBO), and the Veterans Transportation Program (VTP), which will reimburse certain eligible persons to offset costs associated with travel to VA healthcare.


In handling such a large volume of travel claims from across the country, the VA was challenged with intaking, organizing, processing, and completing millions of claims annually. With an inefficient system that lacked effective communication methods, many customers were unsatisfied and did not receive reimbursement in a timely manner. The system also created many vulnerabilities, which led to fraudulent claims that inevitably caused delays in processing legitimate claims. Some veterans were even opting to forego submitting claims with a small dollar amount to avoid the hassle of the process.


The VA sought to improve its travel program to elevate the customer experience, open up new forms of communication between veterans and the VA, and decrease the turnaround time of travel reimbursements, giving the veterans the financial support they deserve. These program improvements needed to include a new rules engine and approval workflow, which included automatically approving most mileage-only claims and preventing fraudulent claims.


i4DM improved the travel program with a cloud-based self-serve solution. Through integrating a multifaceted and customized SaaS solution, i4DM created a responsive, user-facing portal for veterans to request reimbursement for travel to VA appointments, a robust rules engine that determined the disposition of reimbursement requests, various source systems with an integration layer, and cloud implementation.


Through i4DM’s implementation of the cloud-based self-serve solution, veterans can now submit reimbursement requests on any device and receive reimbursement through electronic funds transfer (EFT) within 1-2 days. The new system also includes an administration interface for travel clerks and VA administrators to review and approve requests. Many mileage-only requests are approved automatically to save money and time, forgoing travel clerk interaction, saving the U.S. government more than $63 million annually.

Improving Operations and Customer Service During a Pandemic

COVID-19 posed challenges for every company, especially as many transitioned from in-person to remote work settings. This shift required Healthcare Access Maryland to seek added support in ensuring that the company’s operations could be monitored for efficiency from anywhere. Most importantly, they needed a solution that secured customer data and privacy to comply with HIPAA regulations for 200+ employees.


Healthcare Access Maryland needed a new approach to operations management that enabled employees to work from home and still comply with all HIPAA requirements. They also needed to guarantee that all employee software and equipment had adequate security that protected them from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. To implement the ongoing services, i4DM gained full access and performed a network discovery where they documented all aspects of the technical environment. They also accessed employee workstations via remote support sessions and installed management tools on all workstations to gather metrics.


This challenge was unique because it required a complex and comprehensive solution that involved incredible collaboration and coordination between i4DM and Healthcare Access Maryland. i4DM proactively maintained the following services — email security, antivirus detection and response, web filtering, inventory and patch management, Office365 and onsite backups, and firewall management. They also integrated remote access monitoring. In addition to proactive maintenance, i4DM provided managed IT services. Tickets were tracked, remediation processes and procedures were recorded utilizing Connectwise, and recurring problems were eliminated with an internal Knowledge Base system.


i4DM provided continuity of operations during the COVID pandemic by providing the tools and services Healthcare Access Maryland needed to effectively monitor and function in a remote setting. They installed tools that complied with HIPAA regulations and secured employee laptops with anti-virus and web filtering protection. i4DM also strengthened Office365 security controls through the implementation of 2FA for all employees and Office 365 compliance and DLP tools for the customer’s tenant. The solutions and managed services provided by i4DM also increased efficiency in ticket prioritization and the organization of large data, which boosted the customer experience with timely responses.

Custom Enterprise Portal Solution for Global Automotive Manufacturer

Field Managers were mired in paper reports. They’re responsible for quickly tracking huge volumes of discrete data for numerous dealerships to grow sales and profits, yet their time and efforts were dominated by a cumbersome paper-based reporting method that provided little except ad hoc analysis.


How could they effectively analyze trends, implement sales promotions or forecast revenue and profit without easy, real-time access to essential data? How could the corporate managers accurately monitor regions if reporting was slow and unwieldy?


i4DM developed an Enterprise Portal solution, including:

  • Enterprise database solutions – provides data across the entire organization
  • Custom Web Applications – offers dimensional reporting
  • Data Analysis Solutions – allows for strategic planning and ROI forecasting
  • ETL Processes – supporting 60+ applications and 1000+ reports
  • A tedious, time-consuming paper process transformed into a seamless, efficient digital process
  • Operational data is effectively consolidated, aggregated, and analyzed
  • Company is eagerly adopting the solution into its global markets
Custom Application Fills The Gap For State Government Agency

An intuitive Custom Application boosted efficiency and customer satisfaction for a statewide government agency. Integrating five lines of business into one platform streamlined communication and reduced the risk of error.


Five different lines of business, each running separate combinations of Mainframe, POS, and IVR, created miscommunications and gaps in efficiency for the client. The system was used for internal and external purposes and was prone to errors that resulted in low customer and employee satisfaction.


i4DM launched an intuitive Custom Application initiative that created a Centralized Scheduling System uniting all lines of business. It also developed a user-friendly, web-based application for employees and customers that closely monitored the evolution of the program, ensuring the least amount of downtime.


The statewide agency’s internal strategies were easily executed with all lines of business under two systems. An improved scheduling process reduced customer wait times significantly, and a consistent data process protected the integrity of customer records.

Creating Scalable Growth for Leader in Sales and Marketing

An out-of-date, web-based system was stalling company-wide collaboration. The contribution process was cumbersome, the site was difficult to maintain and its age made it inflexible.


They needed a modern web application with the ability to assist in user-content creation, control content visibility, and foster greater participation in their business process. Could a new program really influence corporate activity? How could the deployment of a new system inspire greater user-adoption?

  • Streamlined contributions by adding a content submission and approval process – Users can now request help creating or managing content as well as rate and post feedback to content
  • Increased user experience with immense flexibility – Content can be classified by categories and subcategories and searched by a variety of criteria
  • Reduced maintenance – New web-based portal is now up-to-date and scalable
  • User-adoption increased significantly, resulting in more accurate & timely information
  • System flexibility is great enough to support recruiting and marketing activities
  • Response-time for customer issues increased dramatically, increasing customer service standards

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