We are your collective network of industry experts passionate about empowering your information technology to incite change, increase productivity, and keep you one step ahead in a dynamic market. Aiming for excellence, and delivering innovation, we go beyond the routine and create solutions entirely customizable to you. Believing in the spirit of collaboration, together we can explore the line of the unknown, and push the boundaries of what’s possible with your IT.


Defining our track record of missions accomplished, our approach delivers you optimal results through comprehensive strategy, revolutionary objectives, and the right expertise.

Our solutions

From developing custom applications and designing systems architecture to cloud management and everything in between, we provide solutions tailored to your company’s mission.

Meet Our leadership

Equipped with years of experience and specializing in all industries, our team is one you can depend on. A network of talented IT visionaries, we are driven by our passion for your mission.

Michael Peart

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Hannon

Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Altmann


Ilona Peart


Mike Aring

Vice President of Public Sector Delivery

Brian Vradenburg

Director of Managed Services

Ashley Johnson

Technical Account Manager

Jagruthi Chilcoat

Director of Commercial Services

E. Regina Brantley

Human Resources Manager

Innovative Expertise

Our agents of change are armed with the extensive knowledge and skill sets needed for you to accomplish your mission. From research all the way to implementation, you can trust that your mission is always possible with i4DM.

Our clients' Experience

At the core of everything we do, are our clients. Thorough and hard-working, we streamline our services so your company doesn’t have to come to a halt. Forge ahead confident in your foundations as we hone in on instability and deficiency in your IT. Constantly collaborating, openly communicating, and adaptable in approach, we uphold our high standard of excellent customer service for our clients every time.

Ready For Your Mission To Become Possible?

Our experts developed a Priorities Evaluation Form to identify critical points within your IT infrastructure that require further evaluation, new strategy, and innovation. Optimize your IT today!