Our Reach

At i4DM, we specialize in providing scalable IT solutions that are customized to your mission. Our certified agents of change are experts at blending into your company because they are equipped with the necessary skill sets to do so. From securing your data through HIPPA compliance to developing a custom application for internal communications, we can do IT all. 



Capitalize on sales promotions, streamline processes, and analyze data quickly to increase your revenue on a global scale.


Ensure cybersecurity, accurate reporting, and network monitoring to optimize performance and deliver results.


Increase learning time, measure curriculum progress and performance, and store data for generations to come.

Federal Government

Specialized services and solutions that adhere to regulations and advance critical public service initiatives.


Secure patient data, remain HIPPA compliant and improve communications between patients and healthcare providers.


Monitor the production process, simplify automation, and improve processes with reduced errors and improved workflow.


Reduce risk and manage donor relations with the support of a modern IT system that increases productivity for what really matters.


Accurately forecast demand and predict inventory with an integrated system that processes, manages, and stores data reliably.


Don’t see your industry? No matter what industry you work in, we specialize in your customized IT solutions. Connect with us, and start the first step towards your mission possible.

With i4DM, The Possibilities Are Endless

Every IT solution is customized to our clients. Whatever your mission is, we can accomplish it.

Federal government

As a veteran-owned business, i4DM prioritizes providing full IT services to our local, state, and federal clients. Our agents of change provide the key expertise and business acumen to support your public service endeavors for healthcare, education, transportation, and beyond. From managed IT services to custom application development, we are certified and equipped with the contract vehicles to transform what’s possible with information technology.

Contract Vehicles


Veteran Affairs Transformations Twenty-One Total
Technology-Next Generation

Providing a wide range of information technology and healthcare IT including managed services, cybersecurity, application development, and engineering for the VA.


Veteran Affairs Vendor Resource Management

Covers improving the speed, accuracy, and reliability of information exchanged between veterans and the VA.


General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule

A long-term contract established to provide a comprehensive range of IT services, products, and innovative solutions.

State of Maryland CATS II & CATS Plus

Consulting and Technical Servics II & Plus

Timely consulting and technical services to provide information technology resources in a quick and economical manner to the State of Maryland.

Ready For Your Mission To Become Possible?

Our experts developed a Priorities Evaluation Form to identify critical points within your IT infrastructure that require further evaluation, new strategy, and innovation. Optimize your IT today!