Amplify Your Results With A Powerhouse Security Strategy

Cyber threats are evolving; it is critical to stay ahead to ensure the security and compliance of the organization’s systems and protect sensitive data. A pivotal element in crafting a robust cybersecurity strategy is the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

The Fail-Proof Formula For Secure Access

Passwords and passphrases, no matter how complex, are not immune to threats. Bad actors use various tactics to compromise accounts. By requiring MFA for system access, several threats can be mitigated or reduced, such as phishing, credential stuffing, man in the middle, account takeovers, brute force, replay attacks, lost or stolen devices, automated bots, and social engineering. Misuse of stolen credentials remains one of the most common methods attackers use to breach systems.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires users to provide multiple identification types before being granted access. Typically, this involves combining knowledge the user has (password/pin), something the user owns (smartphone, token), and something of themselves (biometrics, thumbprint, face recognition). These extra layers make it very difficult for bad actors to break into your accounts or systems.

A Security Strategy For Crucial Systems

Multiple industries have already been under cybersecurity regulations requiring MFA to protect sensitive information. Compliance standards where MFA is instrumental in HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, and GDPR; which affect a diverse spectrum of sectors, including finance, healthcare, retail, government, and critical infrastructure.

Even though MFA is only one piece of an overall cybersecurity plan, it is the cornerstone for a cybersecurity solution. Stolen or breached passwords remain an easy target for bad actors and are no longer safe to protect against unauthorized access. In more significant breaches, millions of passwords are made available for purchase on the dark web. Every organization needs an MFA solution that is robust enough to protect you against today’s cyber criminals and the ever-increasing cyber threat landscape. Not all MFA solutions are sufficient, such as security questions where the answers can often be guessed, researched, or even phished. Savvy criminals can also intercept one-time passwords sent via text messages to phones.

i4DM partnered with Cisco to offer a robust MFA solution designed to safeguard their clients’ systems from cyber-attacks. Cisco Duo is built to perform within a hybrid or remote workforce and meet the demands of flexibility and speed while using company-issued equipment or BYOD devices to access sensitive applications. The user-friendly interface enables end-users to seamlessly approve or deny login attempts via their smartphones, offering a diverse array of authentication methods, including push notifications, callbacks, SMS codes, and hard and soft tokens.

It’s imperative that you maintain visibility into all devices accessing the network to protect PII, PHI, and financial information from security and compliance risks that could invalidate your Cyber Insurance Policy. User devices are checked for out-of-date operating systems, passcode/lock screens, encryption, and the use of biometrics.

Duo seamlessly integrates with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, ensuring that only secure devices gain access to critical systems through comprehensive device health assessments. It supports a risk-based model that evaluates access requests against historical data based on user behavior and device health to adjust access requirements accordingly. Being a cloud-based service, Duo MFA is frequently updated to address new threats and challenges and will scale effortlessly with the growth of an organization. Even if the internet is unavailable, it can still authenticate even if a device is offline.

Cutting-Edge Security At Your Fingerprints

Ready to fortify your organization’s cybersecurity and embrace cutting-edge MFA solutions? Connect with us to discover how i4DM can empower your digital defense strategy and make your mission possible.

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