Setting the Standard: i4DM Fortifies Security Benchmark with ISO 27001 Certification

As a progressive organization, i4DM is fully committed to maintaining uninterrupted and seamless operations, thereby safeguarding the interests of our clients, partners, and employees.

To achieve this, we have implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) aligned with the global standard ISO/IEC 27001. Our ISMS has been audited and certified by Perry Johnson Registrars, an ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accredited certification body. The certificate is proof that an independent third-party certified auditor has assessed the security posture of i4DM and finds it to be effective.

Our ISMS scope as it appears on the certification certificate:

“Assets in Support of Government, Commercial, and Managed Services Delivery including Sensitive and Classified Data, Processes, Systems, Personnel, and Physical and Network Access to Information Resources.”

The ISMS is crucial for our organization as it ensures:

– Protection of confidential company and employee data
– Fulfillment of our security commitments to clients and partners
– Regular scrutiny of our suppliers’ information security practices
– Upkeep and enhancement of our esteemed reputation
– Adherence to legal and regulatory mandates
– Ability to bid for more contracts

At i4DM, the dedication to information security is instilled in the highest levels of leadership. Our management team is committed to maintaining and reinforcing our security policies, dedicating essential resources to strengthen our ISMS, and ensuring its ongoing evolution.

Furthermore, senior management will regularly conduct systematic reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of our cybersecurity program. These reviews aim to confirm the achievement of our information security objectives and promptly identify and address any potential issues through our established audit and management procedures.

A risk management approach, compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 recommendations, has been created within our ISMS. This includes:

– Evaluating risks to our information security objectives
– Regular risk assessments within specific operational areas
– Risk assessments as part of our business change management process
– Project-level risk assessments to manage significant organizational changes

We promote active engagement from our team in fulfilling our information security goals. We also urge our team to embrace and follow our security policies, as well as play a role in fostering a secure digital environment at i4DM. We lay a foundation internally for maintaining the highest standards of data protection and cybersecurity so that we can properly extend those standards in our work with you.

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