Custom Application Fills The Gap For State Government Agency

Custom Application Fills The Gap For State Government Agency

An intuitive Custom Application boosted efficiency and customer satisfaction for a statewide government agency. Integrating five lines of business into one platform streamlined communication and reduced the risk of error.


Five different lines of business, each running separate combinations of Mainframe, POS, and IVR, created miscommunications and gaps in efficiency for the client. The system was used for internal and external purposes and was prone to errors that resulted in low customer and employee satisfaction.


i4DM launched an intuitive Custom Application initiative that created a Centralized Scheduling System uniting all lines of business. It also developed a user-friendly, web-based application for employees and customers that closely monitored the evolution of the program, ensuring the least amount of downtime.


The statewide agency’s internal strategies were easily executed with all lines of business under two systems. An improved scheduling process reduced customer wait times significantly, and a consistent data process protected the integrity of customer records.