Take A Proactive Stance Against Rising Digital Threats

In the ever-evolving landscape of online threats, a proactive and strategic defense is paramount. Online threats are rising, from malware and phishing to ransomware, among other cyber-attacks. Domain Name System (DNS) filtering acts as an added layer of security when traveling on the internet. It’s part of an organization’s overall security posture and provides a complementary role to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), as described in an early i4DM post.

Targeted Cloud-Based Protection

Consider DNS as your digital compass, akin to a phone book guiding you to individuals or businesses based on their identity or services. Once you find what you’re looking for, you make contact or travel to the business’s location. This is what DNS does for you when you click on a link or enter a web address on the internet. DNS performs the invaluable task of tracking down the corresponding IP address, facilitating your online voyage to your intended destination. The computer will request DNS (Address Book) to find the IP address of where you want to visit and then automatically take you there. When implemented effectively and in combination with other security measures, DNS filtering can fortify your digital fortress and provide peace of mind in an increasingly connected world. Rather than waiting for the looming cyber threat, safeguard your digital assets today with the protective shield of DNS filtering.

DNS filtering defends against online threats that often begin with access to a malicious server. These countermeasures include: 

  •     Blocking Malicious Websites
  •     Countering Phishing Attacks
  •     Filtering Content
  •     Preserving Privacy
  •     Combating ransomware

Ensure unimpeded productivity while enabling safe access to vital information. We are a connected world, and finding the right solution to protect your digital environments is critical.

Flexible Solutions. Substantial Results.

i4DM has partnered with Cisco to offer robust DNS-Layer security, protection against phishing and malware, visibility into the actual applications being used on the web, threat intelligence, detailed logs and reports, and the ability to protect your end users across the world wide web. This cloud-based solution can be deployed rapidly without hardware installations and integrates easily with existing security stack components.

MFA ensures you are who you say you are, and DNS filtering makes internet travel safer when requesting access to websites or clicking hyperlinks to desired destinations. DNS filtering and a more robust DNS-Layer Security solution can stop threats before they reach your network or end users. This is why a powerful DNS-layer solution like Cisco Umbrella can be the first line of defense in an organization’s security posture. Umbrella covers DNS filtering protection and much more. Umbrella also extends beyond DNS filtering by analyzing and learning from online activity. It proactively blocks malicious and unsuitable sites, safeguards users from phishing schemes aimed at pilfering credentials, and averts unintentional malware downloads.

Malicious domains are automatically blocked, and the end user is not taken to the malicious site, protecting the user against phishing attempts designed to steal credentials and the unintentional downloading of malware. Umbrella’s threat intelligence evolves with the cyber landscape, offering unwavering visibility into network traffic through comprehensive activity logs and reports. Potential security events are exposed with clear visibility into network traffic via detailed activity logs and reports. A DNS-Layer security solution is even more critical in today’s hybrid work environment, where roaming employees are protected wherever they go, even when traveling outside the corporate network.

Digital Protection That Delivers

Are you ready to embark on your business journey with the peace of mind of fortified cybersecurity and digital resilience by delving deeper into our cybersecurity insights? Contact us today to discuss the future of digital protection with i4DM.

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