Zero trust and the remote workforce

Zero Trust And The Remote Workforce

Traditional models are not the answer to today’s cyber threats.

The evolution occurring in today’s digital landscape leaves organizations open to new threats and technologies — with more challenges arising every day. With the increasing popularity of remote work and cloud services, companies are redefining their approach to network security and connectivity to protect themselves from external and internal sources.


  • Enhances overall security using dynamic and adaptive methods
  • Leads to a more efficient and optimized IT environment
  • Significantly reduces the risks of unauthorized access

Listen in as our cybersecurity thought leaders discuss the latest remote work security trends and learn how your company can benefit from using Secure Access Serve Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust to form resilient and adaptable security solutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with SASE and Zero Trust industry experts and get the right knowledge and insights to strengthen your security practices for remote work.


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